There’s been a bit of a vanishing act happening in the garden as of late.

Where there was once a beautiful Balloon Flower in this pot…


… there’s now this.WP_20140916_001

Where I once had a beaming stand of native Asters along the walkway backdropping the lavender and thyme…


The center stand is no longer there…


… and they appear to have been “snipped”..


Rabbits have found their way back through the fencing, and are wreaking havoc once again.

This time – I’m prepared.


This will make the fourth critter I’ve caught with the live trap. And, I have something to tempt them they just can’t resist…


So… be vewy, vewy, quiet while I research Wabbit Stew.


UPDATE 10/29/2014

wabbit [small]

Finally got the bastard.
End tally –

1 complete stand of chard, 3 pepper plants, 15 carrots, 1/2 a rose bush, 1 fennel plant, 6 tomatoes, All the basil, 1/2 the parsley, 2 balloon flowers, 4 aster clumps, and most of the perennial saliva.
On the plus side – he did clear out a large portion of the creeping cucumber and charlie where he had made an entrance into the garden.