Lavender is a beautiful and aromatic perennial plant, which could be a wonderful addition to any garden.
Lavender is native to the Mediterranean and in the Middle Ages it was used as a medicinal plant, as an essence and even in the mummification process in Ancient Egypt.

These plants prefer full sun and a well drained and sandy soil.
Lavender can be used in scents, aromatherapy, decoration, herbal medicine, cooking. It is the most fragrant herb that you could grow in your garden.
Most lavender plants are purple or blue, but you may find also varieties in pink or yellow.

You can plant lavender near the roses, this will prevent the insect attacks.

Lavender is a tolerant plant and there are hundreds of lavender varieties which are planted through the world.

  • Lodden Blue
  • Melissa
  • Sachet
  • Mitchem Gray
  • Royal Velvet
  • Sharon Roberts
  • Dutch Mill
  • Fred Boutin
  • Provence
  • White Spike
  • Seal
  • Hidcote‚Ķ

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