Sometimes, occasionally… okay, almost never – things work out exactly like we plan. Maybe it’s the grander scheme of things. Maybe it’s someone else’s stars aligning – and we’re just playing our part to make that happen. Maybe our “thing” just hasn’t matured…yet – and it’ll be along shortly.

It’s like that  in the garden.

2 Years ago, I planted some purple tomatillos, fully expecting to spend some time making chicken enchiladas in purple chili sauce… and a purple salsa… and a couple of other wrongly colored south of the border dishes. They never came up. Not one of the 30 seeds in the little packet germinated. Not that the seeds were terribly expensive (a package for three bucks or so), but when I do my part and plant something I’d at the very least like them to make a showing… so I can step on them and kill them off… accidentally. Checking on things in the garden today, I see this:


where I had hilled in the seeds. Eight tomatillo plants have decided to finally make an appearance. I’m kinda stoked. Immediately the gears started to turn… purple tamales…..  Anyway, it’s still too early to tell whether they will produce. But if even one does well I’ll make sure you are all damned tired of off colored Mexican food before it’s all said and done.

You’ve read about the potato cage debacle, yeah – they were a serious fail. Try as I might to convince myself that what I got were practically the same thing as those high-end mini potatoes you get in the market. Truth be told, I got tasteless little marbles and a boatload of soil conditioner when I tore the contraptions apart. Obviously, I forgot some of the marbles. Because this year I’ve got these:


Five initial potato plants. I’ve pushed the runners down and covered them with a garden soil mixture. That should give me at least 10 plants to harvest later in the season. These are either Yukon Gold or Kennebuc. I have no idea which until I unearth them this fall.

I have a saying – “Plant one cucumber vine and you’ll eat well all summer. Plant four, and you can annoy everyone you know for months.” I planted 4 vines last year. I was bloody tired of cucumbers well before the plants finished producing. Consequentially, many of the vegetables matured and rotted on the vine… I ignored them, and this spring I turned the soil under to ready it for okra planting. I now have okra… and four more cucumber vines that sprang up from last year’s seeds. If you want some… I’m making a list.


I keep herbs in the garden. Some are for show – some to actually use. I thought the sub zero temps this past winter had killed off my parsley, so I planted more. When I harvested my rhubarb for a friend (another thing I grow just for show), I found this:


popping up in it’s old haunt. Parsley isn’t something I mind having a lot of, so it’s a winner, winner all around.


Speaking of herbs…. last year I had a tangle of chocolate mint and oregano in a bed that had gotten out of hand. The mint took over and the oregano was always sickly. I spent the fall pulling it all up and just tossed it into an area I use for garden debris. The oregano has taken over the bank. I have no idea what happened to the mint.

Finally, I’ve got these:



Volunteer tomato plants. I have no earthly idea what they are. Presumably, since I grew hybrids last year, they’ll end up being some sort of cherry tomato. We’ll just have to wait and see… I guess.

There… you’re all caught up to date. Now turn the computer off and go get your hands dirty.     Until next time ~