The days are numbered, the accepts and regrets have all been counted, and the complete packing of my kitchen for the 6 hour drive to the gulf coast has begun….

When I agreed to do the wedding, I knew it was going to be a challenge to design a menu that:

A. Could be prepped days in advance
B. Would have all entree items essentially grilled to order on the beach
C. Would be something very different than standard fare
D. Would take into consideration the laundry list of special dietary restrictions of a good many of the guests. (Many of the party are Gluten Intolerant – some are Lactose Intolerant, the groom is allergic to corn, there will be a handful of pescatarians, and more than a few vegetarians.)

And between a crisis in my own family and brewing health concerns with my clients, a couple of false starts with some of the entrees, and an ever-growing guest list – getting everything locked and loaded (so to speak) with the menu has been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.

I’ve been wanting to share the menu with you all for some time, but due to some changes I have held off.  Since we now have everything agreed upon and set, I am thrilled to share.

DF – Dairy Free / LF – Lactose Free
GF – Gluten Free / V – Vegetarian
All menu items are “Corn- Free”

Menu for 

The Party with a Pretty Dress

Passed and Static Appetizers

Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese
with an assortment of fruit,
 baguette rounds and savory accompaniments
Fresh Hummus 
Pureed Seasoned chickpeas with Cucumber and Crisps 
Deviled Eggs
With Capers and Caviar


Schlatter Salad
Blanched Broccoli, Sweet Red Onions
Soy Bacon Bits in a honey sweetened 
 (DF) cream dressing

Selection of Char-Grilled Garden Vegetables
Roasted Sweet Yellow and Red Peppers
Fire Kissed Zucchini and Yellow Squash
Grilled Asparagus
Zesty Yuzu Marinated Mushrooms
All served in a Olive Oil / Caper “butter” (DF)


Garden Rice Pilaf (GF/LF/V)
Texmati rice tossed with fresh peas, asparagus nibs and fresh scallions

Harvest Quinoa Pilaf (GF/DF/V)
With Dried Apricots and Currants


Savory Herb ~ Garlic Marinated Tritop Roast (GF/DF)
Tamari, Garlic, EVOO, Balsamic Vinegar, Rosemary

Chicken with Balsamic Figs (GF/DF)
Tender chicken breasts rolled with balsamic marinated figs, wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection

Grilled Shrimp with Citrus ~ Chili Honey Glaze (GF/DF)
Skewered Tiger Shrimp, marinated in a spicy citrus and chili marinade then grilled.

Grilled Chili Yuzu Tofu (V/GF/DF)
Pressed fresh tofu, wrapped in zucchini ribbons, marinated
 and grilled


Gluten Free Double Chocolate “Cream Cheese” Brownies (GF / LF)
Rich, dense brownies layered
 with tofu based Cream Cheese and baked
Drizzled with spiked cocoa syrup

Financiers (GF / LF)
Delicate almond cakes 
filled with fresh blueberries 
and raspberry / ginger preserves

Guilt Free Tiramisu (GF / LF)
Gluten Free Lady Fingers
 soaked in an espresso and Jameson Irish whiskey,
 layered with rich custard