I’ve been dancing around in the garden all day… I’m giddy with gardening glee… as it were.

The bales are well on their way to being a rotted mess, the seeds are all planted, and we’ve even added a small raised bed and a couple of container gardens. In a couple of months, it’s going to be home garden nirvana here at Turtle Creek! – At least, that’s what I’m betting on.

If you missed it last season, I should tell you that this is a wheat straw garden. You can find an explaination Why we are gardening this way, as well as easy Step-By-Step instructions to create your very own Wheat Bale Garden  (HERE).

After the rounding success of some of the crops and a marginal success of others, I’ve more than doubled the number of bales, and adjusted this year’s crops.

This season in the bales, we have:
Squash (2 Full Bales)
White Patty Pan (or Scallop Squash) – 12 plants
Even though last year was a dismal failure, I decided to try again. We’ve put these in a sunnier piece of garden real estate and increased the number of plants. Additionally, I’ve got Lima Beans (Fort Hook variety), planted into the fronts of the bales.

Beets (1 Full Bale)
Detroit Dark Red – 36 plants
According to everything I’ve read, root vegetables work famously in the bales. So, I’ve added several different types in a couple of locations.

Carrots (2 Full Bales)

French Ball
Full Danver
Sweet Bunch
 50 each variety

Okra (2 Full Bales)
Clemson Spineless
I’m hoping for 12 plants. I’ve stocked the double bale with 2 packets of seeds in hopes of getting 12 good plants. Last year, with only 3 plants, we were getting a mess of okra every 8 days or so…. I’m hoping to improve on those numbers.

Tomatoes (1 Variety per bale)
I’ve gone exclusively with heirlooms this year… and done away with the small salad tomatoes. A gallon of cherry tomatoes every week was just a bit much to manage…. although I may have overdone things this year.

Golden Jubilee – 3
Marglobe – 2
Mr. Stripey – 1
Brandywine – 2
Mortgage Lifter – 2
Box Car Willie – 2
Interestingly enough, the Mortgage Lifters are supposed to produce 1 to 3 pound tomatoes measuring 6 to 8″ across.

Radishes (One full Bale)
White Icicle – 50 plants

Raised Beds
In the raised beds, we have:
Garlic (standard) – 22 Plants
Texas Sweet Onions – 20 Plants
Brussels Sprouts – 4 Plants
Early Cone Cabbage – 4 Plants
Rainbow Chard – 1 Row

Early English Peas – 40 Plants
Lima Beans (Fort Hook) – 12 Plants